Leaf of the Week

This week it has to be mustard. A wonderful purple leaf which has a fantastically hot flavour – just like…yes, you got it…mustard. It runs away with the title this week, not only because it’s so delicious, but also because it’s the last week that we’ll be harvesting these spicy leaves.

Mustard Leaves

Next week the mustard is making way for something new. It departs in good favour as it’s done really well on the Growing Communities sites over the last few months – certainly has for the time that I’ve been apprentice here. It’s the kind of leaf that works brilliantly for the salad bags – you crop it by plucking the leaves one by one. Quite labour intensive but it means that the plants continue to grow and give plenty of leaves week after week. A great leaf on all fronts, unless you don’t like the taste of mustard…


2 Responses to “Leaf of the Week”

  1. Monthly dressings… « Tales of a Growing Apprentice Says:

    […] leaves that do well in this kind of weather are pretty strong tasting, your mustard leaves, rocket, endive and a sneaky wild chicory that Ru’s been blanching ( = covering with dark […]

  2. Volunteers from far off lands… « Tales of a Growing Apprentice Says:

    […] Sorrel, chives and the Sicily leafy bush that tastes faintly like liquorice. Jon: Has to be the mustard leaf. (I had them harvesting mustard a few weeks in a row, so he must have gotten a taste for its fiery […]

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